No Studio

Oh Man, The Website

I have been very slack with this.

Anyway, at the tail end of last year I worked on a new record for Oh Man, The Mountain. Due to their lack of d-beats I felt I needed more preparation than usual and looked up a load of fancy new techniques used by actual professional studios. I won’t bore you with them here but some of them worked a treat. Some were bollocks though.

Experiments with micing drums in neighbouring rooms captured the studio door squeaking in the middle of THE take when we realised the bassist had been outside in freezing rain for half an hour and let him in. Whilst not quite ‘the cough’ from Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste by Norma Jean we decided to leave it in as it acted as a slight lift into the next section. Let me know if anyone can find it in the finished track, which you can hear below. Get the EP later this month, it is lovely.