I didn’t know how much I loved divebombs until I got Exxxekutioner in the studio. Clearly ‘blackened thrash’ (or blackened speed metal? I can’t decide) is an incredibly fun style of music to make, between the theatrics of black metal and the beer-swilling headbanging of thrash it was a ridiculous week of channelling the unholy. every decision on tones, fills, solos and divey b’s was to maximise the amount of Satan in the production.

(make sure to check out my guest ‘uppy’ divebomb in ‘Mass Disorder’ around the 01:58 mark, inspired by something similar in ‘Transfiguration’ by Inter Arma).

Recorded and mixed by me at No Studio

Mastered by Joel Grind

Artwork by Karmazid

Released by Ulthar Records