When OMTM hit me up to record it never fails to make me fall in love with recording all over again. Their brand of folk/pop tinged Americana is a joy to work on, and often a very welcome break from punishingly loud aggressive music.

The songs on this record are gorgeous (just listen to the end of ‘Revival’, it is seriously good), and gave me a lot of scope to really experiment with the mixing process in order to let each layer and sound have it’s own space. Easier said than done when there are multiple guitars, saxophone, hammond organ, vocals with three-part harmonies and percussion all needing to be heard. I was also helped by the band having a very clear idea of how they wanted to record to come across, providing me with an incredibly comprehensive visual breakdown of each track. Other bands take note of this level of preparation!

Recorded and mixed by me at No Studio

Mastered by Katie Tavini

Self released